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STAR ASSOCIATES, INC. hereby announces its “CONSULTANT SERVICES and CUSTOM DESIGNED DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING” programs. The programs listed are available through STAR ASSOCIATES, INC.

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phone: (410) 727-1558 or fax: (410) 752-2579

Leadership Development
Managing in a Constantly Changing Environment
Time Management
Principles of Supervision
Total Quality Management/Continuous Quality Improvement
Cultural Diversity Awareness
Team Building – High Performance Teams
Organizational Development/Organizational Effectiveness
Train-The-Trainer Development
Retreats (Mission/Vision/Values)
Customer Service
Conflict Resolution
Motivation For Improved Performance
Listening Skills
Good People Service Skills and Customer Service
Telephone Techniques
Delegating Effectively


In today’s world of a constantly changing environment and downsizing, greater demands on limited time have produced added stress for workers and managers. This workshop/seminar will provide participants (workers and managers) with the opportunity to learn and practice stress management techniques to reduce the effects of stress on themselves and their job performance.


As a leader/supervisor/manager, you will only ever be as effective as your people, and you can’t be effective unless they are. There is no such thing as an effective leader/supervisor/manager with ineffective people. This workshop/seminar assesses management styles and evaluates key ingredients for effective leadership patterns. It analyzes attitudes to better understand employee motivation, performance and job satisfaction. Leaders/supervisors and managers will develop a plan to implement these new skills in actual leadership and/or motivational situations on the job.


In today’s world, predictability is passé and vague is vogue. Things are changing so rapidly that by the time we are able to put complete closure on something, a change occurs. This workshop/seminar will provide employees with the skills to manage a changing environment and help thei


Working smarter and not harder. The vital few versus the trivial many. Most people concentrate their time on the trivial many rather than the vital few which contribute more significantly to one’s goals. This workshop/seminar emphasizes practical strategies for managing time in view of the customer’s (internal and external) demands for increased service. Topics include analysis; time wasters; finding time to think; the urgent vs. the important; effectiveness vs. efficiency; planning; goal setting; prioritizing; decision making; problem solving; and effective delegation.


When an employee goes from a worker (90% technical and 10% interpersonal) to a supervisor (50% technical and 50% interpersonal) he or she needs to practice new skills that will make their people more effective since they will only be as effective as their people. This workshop/seminar will concentrate on increasing interpersonal skills and will teach first-time supervisors the principles and techniques to develop and to increase supervisory effectiveness. Practical application of skills is emphasized.