A comprehensive one-day workshop that delivers new:
Personal & Organizational Leadership Manager/Supervisory/Employee Skills

as a

  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Employee
  • Entrepreneur
  • Individual

Gain the essential skills and knowledge needed to become a great manager, supervisor, employee, entrepreneur, or for personal development. Participants will be exposed to the following: communication, dealing with negativity in the workplace, working with difficult people, conflict resolution, personal & organizational skills for success and more!



Making the leap from worker to supervisor

What it takes to be a manager. An overview of your day-to-day responsibilities.
Why it’s important to “take charge” and put your best foot forward from the beginning-and a half dozen tips for doing just that.
A dozen actions you can take that will immediately establish your authority, boost your credibility and earn respect.
Drawing the line on social relationships with those you manage.
10 common management missteps you’ll want to avoid.
The subtle do’s and don’ts on the relationship boundaries between you and your boss.

Why leadership is an essential ingredient of management

Why bosses turn people off-and leaders turn people on.
5 sure-fire ways leaders gain the commitment and cooperation of workers.
The advantage of being available and visible to workers.
How to develop your natural leadership ability to spark passion in workers.
Understanding the long-term benefits of developing and mentoring employees.
How to develop and assert your leadership abilities in group or team situations.

How to make things happen-boosting
worker productivity, enthusiasm and commitment

How to increase productivity by effectively assessing workers’ skills and matching them to work assignments.
Using praise effectively: Why how you praise is as important as the praise itself.
Pointing workers at the bull’s-eye: how to craft goals that worker’s aim for and achieve.
The top 10 ways to harness inborn worker motivation to accomplish organizational goals and produce quality work.
How to put the greatest management principle in the world into practice to save your employees countless hours of frustration and unnecessary work.

Personal self-leadership as an essential ingredient

Setting predetermined personal goals and achieving them.
Getting a firmer handle on your own individual strengths.
Developing one, three and five year plans.
Defining your major payoffs and taking action.
The do’s and don’ts in defining relationship boundaries between you and your boss or entrepreneur.
Affirmations—thoughts or statements about yourself you know to be true in moments of doubt.

Who am I ?

Coming up with the answers to the questions of your life.
Focusing on solutions to the problems of your life.
My own personal mission and vision.
Your personal commitment to life.
Being in the right place at the right time and being able to take advantage of the situation at hand.


Enrollment fee $199 per person
with four or more, $189 each

Yes You Can Be Successful by Minding Your Own Business

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